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Customize your Shop page and use templates for email invites

Customize your Shop page

Now you can add a profile picture, store description, and Instagram link to your Shop page to better market your brand to creators.

Track product requests lifecycle

After merchants approve free product requests, we now automatically pull in fulfillment and tracking information so that it's just one click away.

Email templates for contacting creators

Customize your email templates that you send to creators. Beacons is currently an invite-only service for creators, so email templates to creators who aren't on Beacons will also include a secure invite link to let them create a Beacons account.

Multiple categories for merchants

Merchants can now choose multiple categories for their store, which will allow us to make better recommendations for both merchants and creators. Merchants will also show up under multiple categories in

Small improvements

  • Ability to contact existing Beacons creators through the app

  • Fixed a known Shopify bug for Safari users

  • Added buttons to re-launch tutorials for different features

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