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Streamline sending product samples to creators

Marketplace recommendations for creators

One of our main goals is to continually improve our matching algorithms that connect brands and creators. To support this, creators can now choose which categories of products in the marketplace they are most interested in. We're using this data to make better matches between creators and brands.

Streamline sending product samples to creators

Sending product samples to creators is usually a drawn-out process that requires several back-and-forths to figure out what product to send and where to send it — and then you still need to manually input all the information in Shopify.

Now creators can request product samples from merchants through Beacons, and all merchants need to do is decide whether to approve the request. If the request is approved, an order with the creator's shipping address will be automatically created with a 100% discount applied.

Connect Instagram to automatically find creators that have tagged your brand

Now you can connect your brand's Instagram account to your Social Selling app to automatically find creators who have tagged your brand recently. We'll automatically pull their follower count and engagement ratio so that you can easily decide if you want to follow up.

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