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Brand guidelines and FAQs for affiliates

Brand guidelines and FAQs for affiliates

This week we've added some new features to your branded affiliate portal to help you help your affiliates succeed. You can now upload guidelines for affiliates who are new to working with your brand, and also provide answers to common questions with an FAQs page that's built into your branded portal.

Automated PayPal payouts and per affiliate commissions

Now you can automatically pay out all of your affiliates at once by connecting your PayPal account — this can be a huge time-saver if you have tens or hundreds of active affiliates.

You can also set custom commissions for each individual affiliate now, to provide additional incentives for your most valuable partners.

Mobile-responsive affiliate portal

For your affiliates who are active on social media, we've made your branded portal responsive for mobile so they always have easy access to their affiliate links and more.

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