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Improved product recommendations

Improved product recommendations

We improved the design for the product recommendations page that we show creators, making it easier for them to find products that are a good fit for them. Creators can now see how much they earn on each sale, and easily change their preferred product categories right from this page.

More creator info in product sample requests

We now display recent posts, location, number of followers, and engagement rate on each product request, putting all the information you need to make decisions at your fingertips.

Small improvements

  • Send teammates a copy of email notifications when a creator requests product samples to anyone on your team

  • Creators are now notified via email when their product sample request gets approved

  • Added a banner on the Home tab to indicate pending product requests

  • Filter creators on Beacons by category

  • Show number of creators in My creators and Active creators views

  • Show inventory and sort by inventory on Products tab

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