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September 15, 2020

Brand guidelines and FAQs for affiliates

Brand guidelines and FAQs for affiliates

This week we've added some new features to your branded affiliate portal to help you help your affiliates succeed. You can now upload guidelines for affiliates who are new to working with your brand, and also provide answers to common questions with an FAQs page that's built into your branded portal.

Automated PayPal payouts and per affiliate commissions

Now you can automatically pay out all of your affiliates at once by connecting your PayPal account — this can be a huge time-saver if you have tens or hundreds of active affiliates.

You can also set custom commissions for each individual affiliate now, to provide additional incentives for your most valuable partners.

Mobile-responsive affiliate portal

For your affiliates who are active on social media, we've made your branded portal responsive for mobile so they always have easy access to their affiliate links and more.

September 1, 2020

Branded affiliate portal and custom domains

Branded affiliate portal and custom domains

On our new Professional plan, customize your affiliate portal to express your brand! Our app now comes with the best-looking affiliate signup and affiliate portal on Shopify — choose your colors and fonts, and upload assets to make it look and feel like yours, with no coding required.

You can also add your own custom domain, like so that you control your entire affiliate and customer journeys.

August 25, 2020

Invite anyone to be an affiliate

Invite anyone to be an affiliate

You can now invite anyone to be your affiliate through Beacons, so you won't need to use multiple affiliate apps anymore! You can generate links and codes and manage all of your affiliates from the Affiliates tab of your dashboard.

Invite creators as traditional affiliates

In addition to making your products available to creators on Beacons to sell for a commission, you can also easily generate affiliate links and discount codes for creators to work with them in a more traditional affiliate model.

August 17, 2020

Marketplace redesign

Marketplace redesign

Our marketplace got a huge design upgrade this week! We've drastically improved the design of your pages, which is where creators can browse your products and add your products to their pages. Add some visual assets on the Settings tab of the Social Selling app and then go to your Beacons Shop page to check it out.

Rating creators for better recommendations

We've released the first version of our AI recommendation system that will help you find creators to work with. By rating creators on how good of a fit they are for your brand, you can help train our AI to recommend better creators for you in the future. The more creators you rate, the more powerful the recommendation system will become.

August 10, 2020

Approve creators to request and sell products

Approve creators that you work with

In the Settings tab, you now have the option to work only with creators that you have added in "My creators". By turning this on, you can have more control over your brand, and only work with creators that you choose.

Small improvements

  • Set your primary contact email for Social Selling-related notifications. This can be different than your main Shopify email (e.g., if the store owner is different than the person managing the app).
August 4, 2020

Customize your Shop page and use templates for email invites

Customize your Shop page

Now you can add a profile picture, store description, and Instagram link to your Shop page to better market your brand to creators.

Track product requests lifecycle

After merchants approve free product requests, we now automatically pull in fulfillment and tracking information so that it's just one click away.

Email templates for contacting creators

Customize your email templates that you send to creators. Beacons is currently an invite-only service for creators, so email templates to creators who aren't on Beacons will also include a secure invite link to let them create a Beacons account.

Multiple categories for merchants

Merchants can now choose multiple categories for their store, which will allow us to make better recommendations for both merchants and creators. Merchants will also show up under multiple categories in

Small improvements

  • Ability to contact existing Beacons creators through the app

  • Fixed a known Shopify bug for Safari users

  • Added buttons to re-launch tutorials for different features

July 27, 2020

Improved product recommendations

Improved product recommendations

We improved the design for the product recommendations page that we show creators, making it easier for them to find products that are a good fit for them. Creators can now see how much they earn on each sale, and easily change their preferred product categories right from this page.

More creator info in product sample requests

We now display recent posts, location, number of followers, and engagement rate on each product request, putting all the information you need to make decisions at your fingertips.

Small improvements

  • Send teammates a copy of email notifications when a creator requests product samples to anyone on your team

  • Creators are now notified via email when their product sample request gets approved

  • Added a banner on the Home tab to indicate pending product requests

  • Filter creators on Beacons by category

  • Show number of creators in My creators and Active creators views

  • Show inventory and sort by inventory on Products tab

July 20, 2020

Streamline sending product samples to creators

Marketplace recommendations for creators

One of our main goals is to continually improve our matching algorithms that connect brands and creators. To support this, creators can now choose which categories of products in the marketplace they are most interested in. We're using this data to make better matches between creators and brands.

Streamline sending product samples to creators

Sending product samples to creators is usually a drawn-out process that requires several back-and-forths to figure out what product to send and where to send it — and then you still need to manually input all the information in Shopify.

Now creators can request product samples from merchants through Beacons, and all merchants need to do is decide whether to approve the request. If the request is approved, an order with the creator's shipping address will be automatically created with a 100% discount applied.

Connect Instagram to automatically find creators that have tagged your brand

Now you can connect your brand's Instagram account to your Social Selling app to automatically find creators who have tagged your brand recently. We'll automatically pull their follower count and engagement ratio so that you can easily decide if you want to follow up.

July 13, 2020

Invite creators to Beacons

Invite creators to Beacons

Instead of waiting passively for creators to find your products and start selling them, now you can invite creators to Beacons to become affiliates for your brand.

You can invite any creator with an email available with one click — we’ll send them an email letting them know that you’ve invited them to make a Beacons account and work with your brand.

Add creators by uploading CSV

Now that you can invite creators to Beacons, who should you invite?

Influencers that you've worked with before are a good place to start — they already know your brand, own your product, and might even have some content already.

You can now add up to 100 creators at once with a CSV upload, no need to spend time adding them one by one!

July 6, 2020

Manage products by collection

Manage products by collection

We know that many merchants on Shopify manage their online stores using collections, so we’ve made it possible to use collections to manage your enabled products on Beacons too!

Feel free to use existing collections, or if you prefer to keep things separate, we recommend creating a new collection called “Beacons” for products that you want to make available to creators.

Filter creators by followers and engagement

When evaluating creators, two of the most important factors are their followers and their engagement rate. Now you can filter and sort by both metrics for any creators on Beacons and any creators that you add through the app.

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